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Do not let the vulgar toys erode the innocence

Industry news
2017/09/20 15:22
A few days ago, there is a news: inadvertently found that 10-year-old child actually pulled out the smoke. When the child is doing homework, his mouth dangling from a cigarette, cigarette butts, and his mouth. Family was very shocked, asked him how a little young age to smoke the smoke. But the child is a look of innocence that this is not smoke, is the fruit of the "toy cigarettes" in the school entrance hall of the station to buy, the school many boys like to buy this kind of thing, "feel cool"
    It should be said that children living in today's era, especially the children of the city are mostly children, they are all one of the hands of the palm of your hand, can be described as extremely happy, what to what. Which is based on nowadays parents of children's universal spoils, children's toys manufacturers, vendors for the maximization of operating efficiency, committed to the children's toy market in-depth mining and expansion, can be described as means nothing, the method omnipotent , Some aimed at children seeking novelty, stimulation and so on the so-called "adult", "violent" and "vulgar" toys so openly dressed in the room, the temptation to identify the ability is not strong, self-control ability of children to buy and play.
    Favorite toys are the nature of children. Good toys can develop their intelligence, cultivate their sentiments and motivate them to be positive. However, it should be vigilant that these adult, violent and vulgarized toys, often filth as an avant-garde, the vulgar as a bit unusual, easily affect the physical and mental health of children. It is not difficult to imagine that when young children immersed in these so-called "ahead of the novelty" of the toys, will unknowingly put them into another "bad environment" to go, subtle, their young mind will be Horror, bloody, vulgar, ugly "toy culture" erosion, and thus prematurely lost that a beautiful child.
    Let the children away from vulgar toys, the need for the community to participate in and co-operation. Schools and families to strengthen the publicity and education of students to improve students' cognitive and identification ability, and consciously resist these vulgar toys; industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments to strengthen the supervision of the school surrounding stores, "three no" products to increase inventory Efforts to take a strong measure, cut off from the source of vulgar toy production; cultural sector as soon as possible in the toy market "grading" system, the adult toys, children's toys for classification, not free to sell. To sell children with violence, pornography, superstition and other elements of the toy business, to be severely punished. As long as we multi-linkage, guide and educate children away from vulgar refused to bad information pollution, in order to purify the school atmosphere, so that children grow up healthily. Mo to adult, violent and vulgarized toys erode a clean and flawless innocence of the heart.